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  • Run an entire organizations billing, accounts recievable, as well as payroll

What Is B2B Credit Card Processing?

Business-to-business, or B2B, credit card processing solutions are designed for merchants who serve business or government clientele. B2B clients have different expectations than B2C clients. While consumers may be simply concerned with flexible, convenient payments and attentive customer service, business clients require payment options that help streamline their business, reduce costs and protect their assets.

Trinity Merchant Group offers customized B2B credit card processing solutions, including Level 2 processing capabilities and PCI compliance, for a wide range of merchant types.

B2B Merchants

B2B merchant types range from non-profit organizations to government agencies.

  • Associations such as non-profits, clubs, academic and professional groups can expand their organization by accepting multiple types of payment, from credit cards and debit cards for donations to ACH payments for membership dues.
  • Property managers can accept rent payments online, with ACH payment options that allow tenants to pay straight from their bank accounts. Faster deposits and reduced late payments help maximize cash flow.
  • Government agencies at the federal, state and municipal level include treasurer’s offices, police departments, county clerk’s offices and more. These clients require streamlined, accurate reporting data and flexible payment options.

B2B Processing Solutions

With Trinity Merchant Group’s full suite of secure payment processing products, B2B merchants can customize an account that best fits their business and their clients’ needs. The ability to accept business-specific payment methods, such as business credit cards, corporate checks and purchasing cards, helps simplify the payment process.

Other services include electronic and recurring billing, accounting software integration, ACH payment processing and Level 2 processing.

B2B Level 2 Processing

Level 2 processing provides business clients with a greater level of control over their transactions, with full-item details that include customer accounting codes, sales tax amounts and more.

With more detailed reporting methods that let customers know the what, why, where and when of every business purchase, B2B merchants can improve customer service and help their clients monitor corporate spending. Trinity Merchant Group offers always-low Level 2 processing rates.

B2B Security

When dealing primarily with government agencies and other businesses, data security is not only crucial, it’s required. Compliance with PCI standards reduces the risk of compromised data, protecting your business and your clients’ business from the devastating consequences of data theft and fraud.

Trinity Merchant Group’s PCI compliant advanced risk tools include tokenization, end-to-end encryption (E2EE), Address Verification Systems and more.

Trinity Merchant Group makes credit card processing easy for B2B merchants!

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